Music Lab Policies and Information

Patron Conduct

Laptop and Equipment Checkout Policies

Printing Policies and Information

System and Software Update Policies

Patron Lab Conduct:

  • Patrons are not to talk on Cellphones while in the lab.  A lab assistant will ask you to step outside the lab if you are talking on your phone.
  • Food is not permitted in the lab.  A lab assistant will ask you to dispose of any such items if they are brought in.
  • Closed-top beverages are allowed within the lab.  Please continue to be careful with your drinks and dispose of any trash and don't leave them at your stations.
  • All open-top beverages are not permitted.  This would include any canned drinks, uncapped water bottles, or any other item without a lid.  All such items will be cause for the lab employees to ask you to remove the items from the premises.  Repeat offenders may have their lab privileges revoked.
  • The lab is an academic work environment and patrons should comport themselves accordingly:
    • Respect your fellow students and keep any conversations low and private.
    • Be kind to the equipment and furniture
    • Follow any requests from the lab employees regarding your activities within the lab.
    • Be mindful of when the lab closes and plan accordingly. Please leave when instructed.

Laptop and Equipment Checkout Policies

All patrons who check out equipment from the lab will only remain eligible for this privilege if the following policies are followed:

  1. All equipment is returned within the time period indicated (1 hour before official lab closing time).
  2. All equipment is returned in the condition it was checked out.
  3. Patron makes a good faith effort to communicate with the lab regarding any issues they are having meeting requirements 1 and 2.
  4. Patrons must respond to all communication if contacted by the lab regarding said equipment.
  5. Patrons must always remain polite and courteous in their interactions with the staff (both in person and via email)

Patrons who violate these policies will have their access to future equipment checkout suspended. This suspension may be lifted provided the patron contacts the lab administrator accepts responsibility for their error and request access. The manager has the authority to deny reinstatement if the policy has been broken multiple times or there are other extenuating circumstances.

Printing in the UNT Student Computer Labs

Printing is a service provided by the UNT Student Computer Labs (SCL) network to all currently-enrolled UNT students. See current university printing policies here.

System and Software Update Policies

Primary music software and hardware updates take place between semester breaks and over summer.  If you have issues with current versions of software packages during an active semester please put in a support request (Production Lab) or contact a Lab Assistant to report the issue so it can be determined if/when an update can be deployed..