The Production Lab

The Production Lab offers patrons a room to access standard lab computer stations for work on film scoring, arranging, and composition in a more isolated environment or for group projects.  The room also currently houses 4 of the Composition Division's Collaboration Hub computers outfitted with a vast array of virtual instrument sample libraries, audio editors, and hardware (For detailed support in using these applications please contact your instructor.)   
Additionally, the room contains a small isolation booth (Whisper Booth) for recording samples and/or solo instruments OR for use in tandem with the SCL Recording Studio
The Production Stations, Whisper Booth, and Room can be booked individually or as a group through our reservation system below. Priority is given to those with reservations but the Production Lab is available to all when not otherwise reserved.  

Reserving the Production Lab

Students can log in to the reservation calendar using their EUID and then highlight the time and date for the station they wish to reserve. If the room is being requested for a lesson or group project then it is important to select "Collaboration Suite (group)".
Students experiencing errors or issues with existing software/hardware can submit a Production Lab Problem Ticket here.
Instructors can log in using their EUIDs to reserve the room themselves for a lesson or class. Instructors also log into the reservation calendar using their EUID and highlight the time and date for the station they wish to reserve. If Faculty have a regular class meeting time within the space, they can repeat the reservation. For questions or concerns, instructors may email us the request at
Instructors can submit a Production Lab Configuration Request to specify clear preferred settings, defaults, setups, preferences, paths, and other such configurations such as signal routing, project template requirements, etc.
If you wish to log in and book now please CLICK HERE
The current room schedule can be viewed below. (If off-campus, you must be connected via the UNT VPN to view the schedule.) Please reference our Hours of Operation.

Email us at with any questions or concerns.

Specialized Software

Audio Editors Virtual Instrument Libraries Specialized Plugins Notation Software
Pro Tools Vienna Symphonic Library Omnisphere 2 Finale
Cubase Pro East West Composer Cloud   Sibelius
Logic ProjectSAM Virtual Instruments   MuseScore
Ableton Live Suite Kontakt Ultimate   Dorico 4
Elias Studio