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Lab Software


During the current COVID-19 pandemic we are making software such as Finale, Sibelius, Protools, Logic and Max available to students on their home computers in support of course work. Click Here to make a request.


The following is a list of specialty software available in the COM lab.

To request New Software for on site lab use only please click Here

(Click for more information or to download on your personal computer)


Sound Editing & Sequencing Arranging/Notation Software Ear Training

Microsoft Office

CSound / Cabbage Audio Band-in-a-box Auralia
Pages Max 7 Finale MFun
Keynote ProTools Sibelius  
Numbers PD MuseScore

Adobe Creative Suite

Spear Pyware 3D 
iWeb Audacity
Mathematica Player Adobe Audition
Adobe Illustrator Transcribe
  Logic Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro GarageBand
Adobe Indesign Reaper
  ELIAS Studio