COM SCL Software

The following is a list of specialty software available in the SCL Music lab. To request NEW lab software in support of academic programs, please Click Here


Productivity Audio Editing & Production Arranging/Notation Software Ear Training
Microsoft Office  Cabbage Audio Finale MFun
Pages Max 8 Sibelius  
Keynote ProTools v.2022.7 MuseScore  
Numbers PD Dorico (Production Lab)  
Adobe Creative Suite (Full) Spear    
Mathematica Player Audacity    
Zoom Ableton Live Suite (Production Lab)    
VLC Ableton Live Standard    
iMovie Transcribe    
Firefox Logic (Production Lab)    
Chrome  GarageBand    
Safari Reaper    
Microsoft Word Cubase Pro (Production Lab)    
Microsoft Excel  East/West Sounds (Production Lab)    
Microsoft Powerpoint Vienna Symphonic Library (Production Lab)    
Microsoft OneNote Native Instruments Ultimate (Production Lab)    
  VoceVista Video (Production Lab Whisper Booth)