Music Lab Recording Studio

The College of Music Computer Lab Recording studio is open to all enrolled UNT students, especially students majoring in music.  Its intent is to provide an environment where students can record high quality work related to their academic endeavors (i.e. audition materials, sample-based projects, educational recordings, etc) and learn about recording engineering in a practical setting.

Recording projects that are NOT directly related to a students academic endeavor are not permitted. In order for non-music majors to record in the studio, they must provide specific information on how their recording project is related to their academic work. 

Engineering workshops and individualized training are open to all students, regardless of major,  interested in learning about recording in a studio environment.  Instruction includes: Micing techniques, mixing, using protools, and general engineering techniques.

HD Video recording of studio auditions and performances are available upon request.

This lab studio service is free to UNT students. 



To book a lab recording session or training session click on the calendar to login with your EUID and fill in the requested information.  Availability is shown below.


For lab studio questions email

Please note this is a service solely provided by the Music Computer Lab and is in no way affiliated with the College of Music’s Recording Services department.  If you have questions or booking requests of any recording event outside of the Computer Lab please contact recording services for assistance: