Please read to know what to expect in the Music Lab!

Media Collaboration Suite

Music Lab Media Collaboration Suite

(Software Instruction, Film Scoring, Arranging, Composition and Workshops)

We are currently offering virtual connections to the Media suite.  Contact your instructor for information.

The Music Lab Collarboration suite offers students a place to work on film scoring, arranging and composition in an ioslated environment perfect for individual work or group projects.  This space is also used for lab tutorials/workshops when you request instruction on any of our many software applications. The room contains 4 high-end multimedia work stations outfitted with a vast array of virtual instrument sample libraries, audio editors and hardware.  The room also contains an isolation booth perfect for recording samples or solo instruments to augment media projects. 


**NOTICE** For the summer and fall all students must book a station in advance. This change is for student security of a slot when coming to campus, machine prep cleaning, and complying with government recommendations for max capacity and allowing staff to know what usage will be remote or person.

The stations, booth and room can be booked indvidually or as a group through our reservation system.  Priority is given to students specializing in classes on film scoring and composition, but is available to all when not otherwise reserved.     

For students:

Students can login to the reservation calendar using their EUID and password and then highlight the time and date for the station they wish to reserve. If the room is being requested for a lesson or group project then it is important to select "Collaboration Suite (group)".

For Faculty:

If faculty wish to reserve the room themselves for a lesson or class they should email us the request at


The current room schedule can be viewed below.  If you wish to login and book now please CLICK HERE:



Specialized Software

Audio Editors

Virtual Instrument Libraries Specialized Plugins Notation Software

Pro Tools

Vienna Symphonic Library Omnisphere 2



East West Composer Cloud

More to come!..... Sibelius
Logic Pro ProjectSAM Virtual Instruments   MuseScore
Digital Performer Kontakt Ultimate  

Adobe Audition

ELIAS Studio