Remote Audio Streaming ProTools

The College of Music Technology Lab uses Audiomovers Listento plugin to stream HQ audio up to 24bit PCM to remote users in real time. Audio streams can be shared with multiple people in real time to assist in collaboration or instruction.

This plugin works within any application or DAW that can read VST2, VST3, AU or AAX plugins.  Within our virtual lab this includes:

  • Finale, Sibelius, Pro Tools, Logic, Reaper and Ableton Live.

This tutorial will walk you through a step by step setup to get you streaming audio in ProTools. Do not use the audio streaming folder on the desktop for logic (Please make sure you have already reviewed the virtual lab connection tutorial :

  • After opening a ProTools document on a virtual desktop add an effects plugin to your master fader (or channel you wish to stream) and select the audiomovers - listento plugin (usually found in AudioUnits):



  • After bringing up the listento plugin follow the steps in the image below.  The login username and password will always be filled in so you don't need to change or enter anything.

*Regarding step 2: We always suggest naming your streaming session and not to leave it as untitled so it creates a unique link specific to your session.

*For best response we recommend setting your latency to 0.1 or 0.2 sec and bumping your AAC quality up to 320Kbps for MIDI playback.  For audio file production we would suggest 16 bit PCM audio quality, however you are free to change these parameters to whatever you wish.

  • In order to easily get the copied streaming link simply paste it in a browser on your own computer abd ckucj ib start streanubg. Guacamole supports clipboard sharing

If you have any difficulties please feel free to email the lab helpdesk at or call us at  940-565-3765