What is Web Print?

Web Print, a printing management service, allows students to print from any web-enabled device (i.e. laptop, tablet, phone) through our PaperCut software. The service allows you to print from any device without having to go through an advanced configuration on the device itself. Web Print can eliminate having to transfer your documents to a UNT lab computer before printing. 

You can identify our Web Print-enabled printer by looking for a “Web Print enabled” sign on a lab printer. A list of all the printer locations can be found by logging in with your EUID and password, selecting Web Print from the side menu, then clicking Submit a Job to see the list of the available printer locations.

How to print via Web Print in the College of Music Computer Lab:

Step 1: Ensure that your document is saved to an easily accessible location and in one of the following file formats.

File extensions that are printable through UNT Web Print

Step 2: Log in to https://printing.unt.edu with your EUID and Password.

Step 3: Select the Web Print link from the left-side menu.

Select Web Print from the menu

Step 4: Click the Submit a Job link.

Click the link called Submit a Job

Step 5: Search for the music lab Web Printer you wish to print to by typing "music" in the search field.  Only one option will show, then click Print Options and Account Selection.

Note: Printers are generally named or described based on their location.


Step 6: Enter the number of copies you wish to print. Then, click the Upload Documents link.

Enter the number of copies to print

Step 7: Drag and drop your file to the Drag files here area. Or, click Upload from computer to locate your file manually.

Drag files here area

Step 8: Click Upload & Complete to submit your print job.

Submit your print job

Step 9: Visit the printer and pick up your pages.

Note: Print Jobs will remain in the printer tray until claimed.  If you don't want other patrons sorting through your print documents, please claim them immediately.