Online Lab Audio Streaming

Online Music Lab users can choose between two different forms of audio delivery during their sessions. 

  •  Audiomovers Listento plugin is available to stream any quality audio up to  24bit PCM to remote users in real time within any DAW or application that supports AU/VST plugins.  Audio streams can be shared with multiple people in real time to assist in collaboration or instruction. 


  • System Audio Streaming is available to users who are using an app that doesn't support plugins or wish a simpler audio solution.  This audio service can be started and stopped before launch a music application using the designated audio streaming apps in the dock. (It is important to remember that both of these options cannot be used at the same time).  System audio streaming requires a lot of bandwidth to function.  If users encounter audio quality issues with music application we'd recommend using the listento plugin solution.



Quick Start Guide to the MacOS Online Computer Lab (Guacamole) 

In a web browser, visit and select the MacOS option or click directly on the macOS Apache Guacamole icon below: 

macOS<br />
Apache Guacamole

  1. When prompted to allow clipboard access, click Allow.   This will allow copy and pasting as well as file transfers between remote and host computer. (Clipboard access is available on music Class Lab groups!)

x<br /> wants to<br />
See text and images copied to the clipboard<br />
Allow<br />

  1. The login portal will appear and you will be prompted to login with your EUID and password.<br />
Username<br />
Password<br />


  1. You will be presented with your available connections.  All students will have access to the UNT MacOS Student Online Lab containing universal campus lab software.

    • If you are enrolled in a College of Music course during the current semester, you will also see two additional groups that will contain all of the music lab software as well as plugins for high fidelity and low latency streaming:

UNT MacOS CMUS Student Online Lab: Desktops for most music students (Finale, Sibelius, Protools, Ableton, Max)

CMUS UNT MacOS Student Online Class Lab: Desktops for music student enrolled in classes requiring Logic. (also contains Transcribe Finale, Sibelius, Protools, Mac, and Ableton if needed)

  1. Once connected, you will see the desktop of the remote computer. 

noA<br />


  1. You can begin working as you would normally, the session will respond to your keyboard and mouse commands. (Please note that Mac users cannot use the Command key on the remote machines. Copy, pasting and quitting need to be done using the mouse or menu options)

    1. You can easily copy files from your computer to the virtual computer by dragging them onto the desktop.

  2. To access the clipboard, share your screen, retrieve desktop files or alter various input parameters access the guacamole sidebar using the following key combinations (use to open and close the menu):

    Windows: CTRL-ALT-SHIFT 



When finished with your session close all open applications and restart your virtual computer.  You will automatically be disconnected from your session